In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of evaluating customer satisfaction using ratings and feedback in Help Scout. Learn how to set up rating scales, gather valuable customer feedback, and analyze customer sentiment. By implementing effective customer satisfaction evaluation methods, you can identify areas for improvement, measure the success of your support efforts, and ensure your customers have a delightful experience with your brand.


Log in to your Help Scout account


Access the Reports section

Once you have logged in, navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and click on the "Reports" tab.


Choose the desired report type

In the Reports section, select the "Happiness" option to access the relevant data.


Analyze customer ratings


Examine the "Happiness Score" displayed on the screen. This score, calculated as a percentage, represents the overall customer satisfaction with your support team. Look at the number of total ratings and the breakdown of positive, neutral, and negative ratings for more insights.


Analyze feedback


Navigate to the "Feedback" tab to view and analyze customer comments. These comments can provide valuable qualitative insights into the reasons behind the ratings. Look for common themes, praise, or complaints to identify areas for improvement.

Congratulations on completing our guide on evaluating customer satisfaction using ratings and feedback in Help Scout. By now, you have gained valuable knowledge on setting up rating scales, collecting customer feedback, and analyzing customer sentiment. Armed with these insights, you can now make data-driven decisions to enhance your customer support efforts and improve overall customer experience. Remember that customer satisfaction is an ongoing process, and continuous evaluation is key to maintaining high levels of customer happiness. Use the tools and features in Help Scout to regularly assess customer feedback and make necessary improvements. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and using Help Scout's capabilities effectively, you are well-positioned to build strong customer relationships and drive success for your business. Keep up the great work and stay committed to providing exceptional customer service!

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