Our process for connecting you with top Success Professionals 

1.  Resume and credentials review

We evaluate the background, experience, and job knowledge of each applicant.

2.  Culture Interview

We test soft skills, language proficiency, and character fit here to make sure that only qualified candidates advance.

3.  Practical project assignment

A practical exam related to their upcoming role ensures that each applicant is the right person for the job and a good fit for your team.

4.  Client Interview

Only the top applicants advance to the final stage of the screening process: an interview with you.

How we help clients looking to build Success Teams

When thinking about hiring:

-We help assess the maturity of your organization.
-We help you understand the gaps in your departments.
-We help draft the Job Description (JD) that would set you up for success.
-We build take home assessments that test candidates’ ability to succeed.

When hiring:

-We build a pipeline of candidates.
We give you great visibility into your pipeline.
-We filter out 99% of candidates for role fit and culture fit.
-We provide detailed, standardized candidate profiles with recorded interviews and take home demonstrations.
-We close candidates for you.

When onboarding:

-We help guide on 7-30-60-90.
-We support on payroll and benefits.
We provide internal support.

When working:

-We build customized playbooks.
We maintain a library of customized playbooks.
-We connect them with peers at other firms for support.
-We run learning and development programs for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested, what's the next step?
Do you have playbooks available for teams?
How long does the process take from start to finish?

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