Achieve your goals with a Customer Success Team

An efficient Customer Success team contributes to lower activation cost, increased customer referrals, and more revenue retention.

Success Associate


Develops customer training and support

✓ In charge of listening to customer needs analysis and evaluation

✓ Sets up processes on customer satisfaction and delight on a daily basis

✓ Coordinates with other departments to ensure customer needs are met

Success Lead


In charge of streamlining processes for better customer experience

✓ Handles analysis and evaluation of customer needs and problems

✓Resolves customer concerns for higher customer satisfaction

Success Specialist


In charge of customer onboarding and activations

✓ In charge of maintaining high Net Promoter Score

✓ Supports upsells and cross sell initiatives of the company

✓ Owns Net Revenue Retention efforts of the company


Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

This gave us the confidence to grow faster. It enabled us to build and scale systems that increased our growth rate.

-David Philipps, CEO, Fondo

Frequently asked questions

I'm interested, what's the next step?

You may book a discovery call with Max here:

Do you have playbooks available for teams?

Yes. Aside from training and sourcing talent for your team, we will be having different playbooks to make your onboarding and streamlining processes easier.

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